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Opiniondrive is committed to helping you make informed choices about elections and the enthronment of good governance in your country

If you are a User
You can
Be kept informed about current happening in locations of your interest
View relevant information about contestants
Interact with contestants directly
If you are a Contestant
You can
Create a profile and include your biography and why you are seeking the elective position
Include relevant experience(s) that qualifies you for the office
Create a manifesto and include the areas of the society based on available Key Perfomance Index (KPI) that you aim to address during your tenure
Share your completed profile with your social networks and get them to promote your campaign and endorse you
Interact with users directly and respond to issues
If you will like to partner
Our areas of Interest include
Good governance
Election monitoring and coverage
Voter sensitization
Electoral bodies

We welcome strong partnership and are open to new ideas

2019 General Elections Quick Statistics

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